(From William Pratney, Winkie’s son) We were visited by YWAM founder Loren and Darlene Cunningham yesterday. It was great for Winkie, going over some of the Revival Study Bible material with them. He and they went over a long list of people they knew from years gone by. So I’m sure that was good for Dad, not only for the fellowship, but in helping to re-spark his memory of people, places and days gone by. It was a real blessing to see them. Winkie’s started to play table-tennis again.
Today we took Winkie to some long-time friends of ours for lunch, and he played some table tennis there with me. This was recommend to us by Winkie’s assigned occupational therapist (who he met with 2 days prior). At first, he was slow, but once he started to warm-up, it all started to come back to him. Amazing! So that was good. His energy levels are not what they used to be, and we stopped sooner than he normally would have, but it was really good for him. He got quite a few points off of me! As far as memory, his long-term has been coming back, but it seems apparent now that the short-term word-associations he’s been struggling with are going to be a major area of rehabilitation. We continue to trust God in this, and are still hopeful for full rehabilitation. Some have commented that (normally) he just goes and goes and goes. It seems like these hospital visits and time-outs may be the only way of getting him to sleep and rest. So, I’m glad he’s sleeping and resting, but I wish it wouldn’t take a trip to hospital every time he needs it! God has been providing for us.
Earlier today a neighbor friend of ours came over bearing gifts of fresh herbs and vegetables. So many have been good to us at this time. It seems like when we need food or help, an offer to help comes, or someone comes over, and at just the right time (most of the time). In this way, we are seeing God’s provision for us daily.Winkie is meeting with three different therapists now (starting this week).
He’s meeting with an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and will be meeting with a physiotherapist (starting this week). All three of these therapists are being provided for us under the New Zealand commonwealth social healthcare system. Had this happened in the States, I cannot imagine the amount it would cost to cover all of these expenses. Thank God we’re in New Zealand at this time!

Revival Study Bible
Some of you have been asking what’s happening with the Revival Study Bible. I am only in the loop, temporarily helping out and am not a part of the actual presentation team, so please bear that in mind as you read this.

The proposed launch date (I have on good authority) for the Revival Study Bible has been moved back to September (at least for Singapore), 2010. So those of you that have been promised 1st edition prints (limited number) should receive those before the end of the year. For everyone else, you may have to wait until the second printing (date?). Sorry! = ( And no, I have no idea when that might be. But for those privileged few that have already been added to the 1st edition list, you may receive your copy as soon as June/July. However, there are still some things that need to come into place before the RSB can even go to print. Sorry, to all of you that have been waiting for a copy of this much coveted after study Bible. Without going into detail, there have been quite a few “hick-ups” along the way, and if you think of it, this project could do with quite a bit of prayer, both for the general editors (pastor Steve Hill, Dr. Tamara Winslow, and Winkie) and the publishers (Amour Publishing Pte Ltd). Steve Hill, who Thomas Nelson had originally asked to do the project has been battling cancer. Many of you probably remember him from the Brownsville Assemblies of God revival, that literally touched over a million lives. Please pray for his full recovery. Dr. Tamara Winslow, the amazing Bible scholar/researcher and teacher that actually contributed the revival study-chain (over 300,000 words) to the RSB has recently lost some valuable ministry team (staff) members. As I understand it they were the ones helping her with the RSB project. Please pray for God’s provision for her during this time in the area of new ministry team (staff) members.

Thanks again for your prayers for Winkie and for us. And thank you to all those that have been sending in encouraging emails.

Pray God would help us make Winkie’s materials more readily available!
One other area of prayer (for those of you inquiring how you can pray) is for our Ministry of Helps (MOH) team. We need to see some breakthroughs in the area of making Winkie’s materials (both written and in audio/video form) readily available. We have over 150 videos of Winkie teaching that need to be converted and put into useable format for modern viewers. This takes both time and man-power. We also have the desire to make available once again Winkie’s books (as I understand it all of them are currently out of print). We would like to see them made available online, which also means time and man-power (scanning, uploading, etc.).

In order to do this, we either need extra, self-supported willing and able persons helping us who can commit to these projects, and see them through to their completion, or, for those who are already working with us, to be financially able to commit full-time to these projects. Simply working to pay the bills could be the greatest roadblock to completing projects such as these which would otherwise benefit hundreds of thousands of lives.

Dee, Dad’s administrative assistant in particular needs prayer at this time. She has been facing enormous pressure on many different fronts – prayer for her and her family would be especially appreciated.

Alright, that’s all I have to say for now. Thanks for taking the time to read.