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“The inescapable reality behind the concept of religious revival, is that when the love of God and needy men intersect, all heaven breaks loose.”
~ Winkie Pratney

The Revival Study Bible, 10 years in the making, is no small accomplishment. The many years of labor and research produced what is arguably one of the most anointed revival tools of our generation.

With the help of general editors Tamara Winslow and Steve Hill, who are not only great friends of Winkie’s but also fellow laborers in the Kingdom, as well as hundreds of other contributors and workers, the Revival Study Bible was finally completed and and sent to press.

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The following are excerpts from an interview with Winkie shortly after the Bible was released:

“Once immersed in the pages of the Revival Bible, revival not only seems, as Pratney said, “cyclical and repetitive” in history, it seems to be inevitable – if not somewhat elusive. Encouragement comes as people read the repetitive nature of revivals throughout the history of the church,” Pratney said. “God continues to move throughout time and in different areas of the world in a wide variety of circumstances. This Study Bible shows that He uses not always the biggest, best and most beautiful in a revival but the little, least and sometime the “losers” among us.”

“Revival is not the end or the focus of this ten-year-long work by hundreds of contributors, editors and behind-the-scenes workers,” Pratney said. “The end is the return and restoration of a new relationship with God. Seek revival and you won’t have a real answer. You seek God, and you may have a revival.”