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These videos are trailers from theVINTAGE WINKIE VAULTthat span 30+ years of teaching all over the world.

This treasure trove, untouched for nearly 30 years, was recently discovered and opened up. A team of guys, with equipment in hand, went to Texas and spent several weeks digitizing what was only previously in an unusable format. In this process, they realized the enormous importance of what they discovered and quickly assembled a team to convert these videos to digital format so they could be made available to the Body of Christ at large.

With nearly 70 different videos and series to choose from, the wealth of spiritual wisdom and insight is not just encouraging, it is vital for the Body of Christ in this day.

Winkie broaches tough topics such as dating, sexual purity and bitterness with sensitivity and yet, somehow finds a way to be humorous. While compelling the listener to examine their heart and repent, he leaves each person with the hope that obtaining the holy life that Jesus commanded His followers to live is not just attainable, but also exciting, thrilling and full of joy and peace.

He strongly encourages every viewer to view each series as a whole in order to gain the full understanding of the context of the teaching.  He sincerely desires that his teachings not be taken out of context or pared down in order to extract a single point.  Similar to the Holy Scriptures, it is expedient that the material be taken in its entirety rather than in parts.


Every purchase tangibly supports Winkie
and his ministry.

  • If you need to listen on the go, audio is available via streaming or download.
  • Videos are easily played from a desktop computer as well as a mobile device.
  • Available in two different file sizes to meet your streaming and download needs.