Jan/30/10 01:09 PM

(From William Pratney, Winkie’s son) We took Winkie to the Dentist today. We went to see a specialist, a friend he had known for many years. The man really knew what he was talking about. Never seen his equal in dentistry in the South Pacific. So we’ve lined Winkie up for some basics over the next couple of months. There is a top front tooth that needs to be completely replaced. In time, he’ll be getting that one done. But there are some other dental needs of his that need to be addressed first. We’re glad to have him in such fine hands. Yesterday we took Winkie to see his current local doctor. He removed one blood pressure med from his regime, and said it would be alright for him to start playing some tennis again. Not a lot, no “5 setters” or anything, but a little bit to get him out into the sun, moving and breathing, etc. We also had some blood work done (about 12 tests) and are still waiting on the the results from that. Winkie’s been watching the Australian (tennis) Open, and loving it. So many good players on the line-up; many of his favorite current players. I continue to look into what can be done for our beach-flat (batch). It’s looking like a lot more work and money than we had originally anticipated (isn’t that always the case!). But we have good people working with us on it, ready and eager to help. I’m still trying to find a decent plumber and electrician in the South Auckland area. Mom is concerned for her father, now 94, who lives about 40 minutes drive from us on the North Shore. One of his main pillars of help, Dr. Jenny Newport, along with her husband (former pastor) Duane and son are moving as missionaries to the Philippines. So Grandpa, who had relied so heavily on Jenny in the past, will be in need of greater help both now and in the future. This is a big concern to Mom. She wants to make sure that he receives the help that he needs (obviously), so that is something to add to the equation now in helping to care for Winkie. We’ll probably try to start making regular trips to the North Shore (as we did today) each week.

Soon we hope to get Winkie on to the tennis court. Mom and I still suffer from right knee problems (Mom 1 year+, myself 2 years+), so neither of us is really able to do much with him on the tennis court right now without further aggravating our own injuries. We can do a little. Hopefully God will give us someone local (a player) that is patient enough to hit with him.

Thank you again to everyone that has been praying for us. Blessings! Blessings! Blessing! We really appreciate it.

– William