– A selected collection of key truths culled from the great eras of Church history when Christians saw the greatest change for good and lived most like their Lord. – A focus on some fundamental principles that lay the groundwork for genuine evangelism of the lost, revival in the Church and reformation of society. – A re-visitation of long-held basic understandings of God and His ways with men in the light of missing or forgotten areas of ministry in the Third Millennium. – A broad-based non-denominational set of basic Biblical values and perspectives that are common to all evangelical missionary-hearted Christian churches. – An essential platform for all effective worship, study and ministry in our time. – A common core from which missionary, evangelistic and charitable work can find Biblical, historical and passionately spiritual roots in its ministry efforts. – God-honoring understandings that have not only brought about powerful and lasting change in places and ministries in the past, but were also honored of God in helping launch some of the most effective far-reaching missions of our time. – Evangelical. Biblical. True Classically Historical. Devotional. Powerful.